Gretna Green


Today, as you wander around the quiet town, it is easy to imagine how people lived and dressed in the past. The romantic landmark has been preserved as a beautiful hotspot for weddings, where visitors are welcome.
Every so often you can see a vintage horse and carriage promenade down the town streets, and one cannot help but feel as if caught up in a dream. Due to its being so close to the borders, Gretna Green was once a hotspot for English runaway teens who longed to marry- without their parents approval. Today, walking in what seems to be an innocently pretty town, you would never suspect that years ago it was a magnet for scandalous affairs.
But although the floral decorated cobble stone streets have been preserved, the town has also modernised along with the world, and in the center you will find a shopping outlet. As much as a girl loves a scandalous romantic atmosphere; what is better than shops where you can splurge all your loose cash? After all, the Gretna Green of the past is very different from the Gretna Green of today.


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