Spy dolphins


I close my eyes briefly, and allow myself the pleasure of a short, high chimed giggle. But guilt soon overtakes my giggle; here I am cocooned in the UK’s safety net when my friends in Ukraine have brothers and uncles who are being urged to join the army and I have the nerve to laugh over something like this?
But I will admit, this is a strange post to come across while searching for the latest news on the Ukraine/Russia situation. First of all, how could it even be possible to train a dolphin to be a spy, to attack ‘enemy ships and submarines’ with a suicide bomb? And who on earth had a brain wired up so strangely to come up with such an absurd thing. These are questions to which I doubt I will easily figure out. But in the time being, it seems that Ukraine’s army dolphins not only have a mind of their own, but they have made the decision to “switch allegiance to Russia”


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