The road to greener pastures

Or in this post, the challenge of citrussy pastures. However you want to label it, this post is going to be about you guessed it healthy eating! I.e. dieting without harming yourself.


I just want to draw your attention to that picture above. Bright colours; how does it make you feel? “A lot like summer” was one comment that I almost literally squeezed out of my friend.
It’s attractive, citrus fruits. I’m no going to ask you to swallow 6 mushrooms, 2 vitamin pills, and choke down some sort of vile concoction that will magically make you healthy. This is first of all more easy in the sense that it is not disgusting. Also, the foods and things I am suggesting are attractive.
First of all, I want to talk about lemon tea. A lusciously scented tea with a heavenly taste, it is a mystery to me why it has not been very popular with the British. But in Europe, the lemon tea has boomed, and in many countries has become the traditional tea. Good on them! The chemicals released from the lemon is said to aid your digestion system, so where you might be gaining weight over an ineffective digestive system, the lemon will prevent (or at the least minimise) this weight gain. The warm water acts as a catalyst, and the tea has its own naturally relaxing effects. An all around brilliant way to prepare your tea be it the morning, afternoon, or evening.
Moving on, we have the citrus water. Almost easier than counting to prepare at home, all you need is a glass, running water, some kind of citrus fruit (lemon, lime, grapefruit..) and a knife. After filling up your glass with water you cut a slice of the citrus fruit of your choice, pop it into your water and voilà! A refreshing drink that has almost all the vitamins you need! Everyone knows how vital water is, but many complain that it either has no taste, or that the taste is not pleasant. But putting in a slice of citrus fruit will have its own internal health related benefits depending on the fruit; all while also improving the flavour!
Now; fruit salad. Kiwi, oranges, apples, pineapple, grapefruit… There is no such thing as a fruit that is bad for you- and a whole fruit salad? I say bring it on! This is so refreshing.. and especially great for a sunny day, or a day when you need a pick me up and don’t feel like chocolate.
My dears, diets come and go, but in these revolutionary times when dieting and consciousness of weight is becoming an overly concerning issue, it is my advice to stick to the simple things that you can manage without harming yourselves. Remember; you can’t go wrong with citrus… unless it’s mouldy!


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