Predicting the future by looking at the past



My style -sort of hyper fememine crossed with the less popular indie look- hasn’t changed much in recent years, and similarly, my shopping habits have grown to be pretty consistent. As soon as I have money in my pocket, I am out in the city spending it. Perhaps not the most wise way to behave, but it brings me pleasure. Until I’m broke and staring longingly at a dress that I don’t have the money for, of course. However my style bends, it does not break nor does it comform to the constantly changing, insecure patterns of the fashion industry. But as fragile these ‘fashion experts’ say the fashion industry is, I would beg to differ. Two years ago, I was wearing my hair partly up and partly down, wearing dark red lipstick. Oh and it seems, that the trend has returned. Last year, there was the unforgettable, and unforgiveable trend of 60-70s makeup. My dears, I sense a pattern is forming. So I ask you to consider this today; do you look to the future and try to predict what kind of nee trends shall surface, or shall you look to the past and ask yourself which trend shall resurrect. After all, it is Easter.


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