Inside the mind of an indie girl



As soon as the natural looking brown haired beauty enters my garden, I offer her a cup of tea, organic of course. But she instead, offers me a hug. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Katie.
I ask her how she would describe her own personal style, and she chuckles; I know her well enough to see the confused glint in her eye as she searches her mind for an answer. Shrugging her shoulders she grins and tells me that she has “no fucking clue, most likely indie” and we burst out laughing together, it’s true. She has always been the one interested in music more so than fashion, though she is fashion conscious and always seems to be wearing beautiful clothes. I however may choose to word it slightly differently though; a cross between mainstream trends, and a backbone of indie culture.
My next question is somewhat linked to her indie culture. Sipping peppermint tea from a vintage floral teacup, Katie does indeed seem to be the very face of indie. Asking her something that puts her right in her comfort zone, I want her to tell me the top three artists that she listens to. Unlike the previous time, she answers straight away without a seconds thought “bastille, all time low, conor maynard”. I nod my head. The truth is, I already knew this; I share her love of bastille and all time low, having an interest in indie music myself. With the knowledge of her music taste and how she would describe her own personal style, I come to the conclusion that the two are most certainly linked. With an overruling influence of indie, and tints of mainstream trends, I can say that her music taste influences her fashion style. It is a common belief, that however more noticable in some than in others, music and culture influences clothes choices. Katie agrees with me, saying that she is “100% positive that my music taste has an influence on my style, I mean ever since I’ve discovered indie / rock I’ve changed my style”. She goes on to say that mainstream fashion trends also inspire her, along with whatever her favourite celebrities wear.


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