Pastle revelation


So here I am, scrolling we♥it pictures for inspiration of my next post. Pastle fashion in mind, I think to myself about how I might just sneak another sweet pastle sweater into my closet. That’s when I see this picture. The portrayal of a completely unique idea, I can’t help but fall in love. A skater skirt mashed with dungarees, and I can quite honestly say that I have never in my life ever seen anything remotely like it. And in pastle shades too! This is definitely something that is worth keeping an eye out for.. fingers crossed it will make the highstreet!

2 thoughts on “Pastle revelation

  1. I love pastel colours, I always think it is the perfect colour and style for summer time. It’s a shame there isn’t many pastel coloured clothing in the high street yet or even floral, especially on something so unique. A missed opportunity! Great post – You’ll have to keep me posted for when this unique piece of clothing finally starts becoming a common occurrence in shops! 🙂

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