Forget about black and yellow…

…because it’s all about black and gold.


A look that can be channeled into classy, dressy or bling, there has never been anything more flexible than a colour trend. And it looks to me that this season, bursts of black and gold are exploding down the highstreet. Perdonally, I’m totally going for the dressy style, but that’s just opinion; it hasn’t got much to do with the trend. But the true question is; will it be a trend to last? Is it really worth investing good money into?


Now, as a fashion blogger I might be portrayed as biased. People might accuse me of trying to falsely encourage you to invest in trends that won’t last. But let me tell you; I will try my best to sway you to invest into this trend… if you like it.       I believe, that if enough people work together to make this trend last, it will stay. Black and gold; the new black and yellow. Because let’s be honest; yellow can sometimes be a terrible colour.



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