Predicting the future by looking at the past



My style -sort of hyper fememine crossed with the less popular indie look- hasn’t changed much in recent years, and similarly, my shopping habits have grown to be pretty consistent. As soon as I have money in my pocket, I am out in the city spending it. Perhaps not the most wise way to behave, but it brings me pleasure. Until I’m broke and staring longingly at a dress that I don’t have the money for, of course. However my style bends, it does not break nor does it comform to the constantly changing, insecure patterns of the fashion industry. But as fragile these ‘fashion experts’ say the fashion industry is, I would beg to differ. Two years ago, I was wearing my hair partly up and partly down, wearing dark red lipstick. Oh and it seems, that the trend has returned. Last year, there was the unforgettable, and unforgiveable trend of 60-70s makeup. My dears, I sense a pattern is forming. So I ask you to consider this today; do you look to the future and try to predict what kind of nee trends shall surface, or shall you look to the past and ask yourself which trend shall resurrect. After all, it is Easter.


Love, chocolate, and a work filled holiday


Love, chocolate and a work filled holiday. Yep, that’s how I’m going to start this article off.
Coming home after a stressful day/week/month… relief floods over me. Today, no work is permitted. Crashing into my bed, I fell asleep. Tonight is take out night; I deserve it (just a sneaky one off from my diet).
It’s the first day of the easter holidays. Truthfully, the holidays only officially start tomorrow, but I’m counting this afternoon in. These next two weeks are going to be fattening; I can tell.
Holidays mean alot of things. Easter holidays have began to mainly mean two things for me since last year when I was thrown into the sea of exams. There, I said the first thing. Exams. The things that nobody likes but everyone goes through. So much work, stress, and time lost; all created by the running 6 weeks I have full of exams. At least after that I have 7 weeks of summer vacation to look forward to.
But the second thing that the easter holidays have began to mean to me, is food. Fattening food, and a lot of it. Snacking all around the clock, and it’s probably something that has been brought on by exams. Studying is always somewhat less challenging when I have a packet of pringles by my side to comfort me in my struggles, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thinks so. What I would really love if I had someone who would buy my food for me… even though the supermarket is only just a 15 minute walk away from where I stay.
Perhaps I ought to rename this post ‘work filled holidays, chocolate, and love’ for that is the order in which I have written. Ah, but it doesn’t have the same buzz to it.
The thing that legends and myths are built upon. People have said that it’s the only thing that keeps the world spinning. The foundation of many life forms on this planet. This passionate red red rose which paints our hearts obsessed with the one. Love. Now, I believe that this is an issue in todays life. Looking at the decks of lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazines there’s one word that repeats itself; sex. Bombarded with “26 of the best ways to have sex” and “how sex can change your life” it seems that in the culture of today, lust comes before love. Drooling over the body of a man and deciding he’s the one you’re going to hook up with. Really? What happened to good, old fashioned romance. And with all this modern lust lust lust culture, it seems that respect (of yourself and others) has been lost in the crowd. Simple things like holding the door open to someone, then saying thankyou, have died out along with the ‘women first’ motto that respectable men once lived by. Romance thrives on respect. And I hear all the complaining chimes of women saying they want an old fashioned man, but then they go out with their crop-top-might-as-well-be-bras and their miniskirt-I-mean-belts and I just think that if they really want someone to respect them, they have to stop selling themselves off like that. Don’t give me the excuse of that’s what you feel comfortable in. I don’t care. If you want someone to lust after you, go ahead and walk the streets half naked. But if your true wishes lie with romance and respect, please- go out decent. For now, stay safe and enjoy your holidays!

Youtubers, festivals, and Barbie’s inspiration

The radio one big weekend- a huge annual event hosted by the BBC. Just yesterday morning, the tickets were claimed by thousands of music loving festival goers- budding journalists? It seems that this May (Just as the previous years) the spotlight is on the big weekend. Excitement, and a bubbling presentation of opportunities awaits those who grab (or have grabbed) the chance. And don’t you doubt it- for I certainly have! But this my dears is not a boasting post; this just as any other that I write will have content other than my own naive excitement.

Youtuber: Someone who uploads youtube videos, particularly someone who has somewhat of a fan base. Although it can mean anyone in youtube, it specifically means someone who makes videos.

As I bought my monthly issue of COMPANY from my local drug store, it struck me; Zoella, on the front cover of a magazine? But she’s just a youtuber. It seems to me, that the world of youtube is indeed taking over- vloggers from around the world, each one individual with their content are grasping the opportunity of fame and fortune. And let me tell you; they aren’t the only ones relishing in the growing community of youtubers. With obsessive viewers fangirling about the prettiest, hottest, funniest, most interesting of them all, youtube has become the new trend that everyone is getting in on. I would imagine that if social sights such as twitter and facebook did a collaboration with the television, they wouldn’t have much of a different turnout that youtube, but then again that is just my own crazy thoughts. Now- one thing I do want to point out, post describing youtube as a [new] trend; youtube itself is not a new thing. Neither is vlogging- I am quite sure that in the past people would sit infront of their cameras and record themselves talking about their own life, the things they loved ect. But nevertheless, it is something that has seen a surge in popularity over recent years… and even months.
Now, above this text you ought to see a jumper, very pink, very girly and very barbie. This jumper I am afraid, is sold out. From ASOS, this is the exact same jumper as seen my Zoe Sugg (Zoella) a fashion/beauty youtuber who is becoming increasingly popular (Hence her face featuring in the front cover of this month’s issue of COMPANY). The surge in barbie inspired outfits? My theory is that the masses of fangirls who idolize over Zoe Sugg have jumped up at the chance to copy her style; or at the very least try to. All I can say is that I’m sure that Mattel (The manufacturers of Barbie since 1959) won’t be complaining about the publicity.
What Mattel might not be so happy about are the protests going on about the proportions of the barbie doll- apparently this child’s doll encourages eating disorders in women and girls who want to have the figure of this fictional character. Honestly?

The road to greener pastures

Or in this post, the challenge of citrussy pastures. However you want to label it, this post is going to be about you guessed it healthy eating! I.e. dieting without harming yourself.


I just want to draw your attention to that picture above. Bright colours; how does it make you feel? “A lot like summer” was one comment that I almost literally squeezed out of my friend.
It’s attractive, citrus fruits. I’m no going to ask you to swallow 6 mushrooms, 2 vitamin pills, and choke down some sort of vile concoction that will magically make you healthy. This is first of all more easy in the sense that it is not disgusting. Also, the foods and things I am suggesting are attractive.
First of all, I want to talk about lemon tea. A lusciously scented tea with a heavenly taste, it is a mystery to me why it has not been very popular with the British. But in Europe, the lemon tea has boomed, and in many countries has become the traditional tea. Good on them! The chemicals released from the lemon is said to aid your digestion system, so where you might be gaining weight over an ineffective digestive system, the lemon will prevent (or at the least minimise) this weight gain. The warm water acts as a catalyst, and the tea has its own naturally relaxing effects. An all around brilliant way to prepare your tea be it the morning, afternoon, or evening.
Moving on, we have the citrus water. Almost easier than counting to prepare at home, all you need is a glass, running water, some kind of citrus fruit (lemon, lime, grapefruit..) and a knife. After filling up your glass with water you cut a slice of the citrus fruit of your choice, pop it into your water and voilà! A refreshing drink that has almost all the vitamins you need! Everyone knows how vital water is, but many complain that it either has no taste, or that the taste is not pleasant. But putting in a slice of citrus fruit will have its own internal health related benefits depending on the fruit; all while also improving the flavour!
Now; fruit salad. Kiwi, oranges, apples, pineapple, grapefruit… There is no such thing as a fruit that is bad for you- and a whole fruit salad? I say bring it on! This is so refreshing.. and especially great for a sunny day, or a day when you need a pick me up and don’t feel like chocolate.
My dears, diets come and go, but in these revolutionary times when dieting and consciousness of weight is becoming an overly concerning issue, it is my advice to stick to the simple things that you can manage without harming yourselves. Remember; you can’t go wrong with citrus… unless it’s mouldy!

Spy dolphins


I close my eyes briefly, and allow myself the pleasure of a short, high chimed giggle. But guilt soon overtakes my giggle; here I am cocooned in the UK’s safety net when my friends in Ukraine have brothers and uncles who are being urged to join the army and I have the nerve to laugh over something like this?
But I will admit, this is a strange post to come across while searching for the latest news on the Ukraine/Russia situation. First of all, how could it even be possible to train a dolphin to be a spy, to attack ‘enemy ships and submarines’ with a suicide bomb? And who on earth had a brain wired up so strangely to come up with such an absurd thing. These are questions to which I doubt I will easily figure out. But in the time being, it seems that Ukraine’s army dolphins not only have a mind of their own, but they have made the decision to “switch allegiance to Russia”

Common sense, dignity, and the overwhelming majority of crop tops


Walking down the streets of a small town named Kirkintilloch, situated 10 miles from Glasgow in Scotland as I head homewards, I find it almost impossible not to notice the mass of girls and women alike, wearing crop tops. There ia a group small skinny girls whom I assume are about 10 or 12,  walking past me, each of them following the trend of crop tops along with the most petite denim shorts in the history of humanity. And while this strikes me as abnormal, stupid even to have young girls wearing such outfits in the middle of March in a Scottish town where the temperature is just above freezing, what really causes me to shake my head is that as I walk past this group of adolescents, they shiver and complain about how the sun ought to “hurry up and give them a tan”. And believe you me it takes a lot of strength to walk past them and not to give them a piece or my possibly sane advice. Luckily for my dignity and not theirs, I have such stregnth.
But in the contemplation of these 4 girls and their idiocy, I wonder how on earth their parents allow them to go out in such attire. That of course, is where I look idly across the road, about to cross to the other side where the towns legendary “old sweety shop” us placed. I take one step forward as the green man lights up. Another step. And another. And then I see her, walking out of my beloved sweety shop. A woman who I assume is about 40 years of age, and noticably obsese (though I mean no offence by this), who carries two full carrier bags of sweets, is wearing a crop top. A neon pink crop top that could easily be mistaken for a bra, is being paraded on a woman who is quite obviously too large for the size of the top. Her belly bounces up and down as she walks. I try my best to conceal my horror. Surely a woman of a respectable age would know how to dress approproately to the weather, and consciously of her figure?! Suddenly my embarrassment for the girls shrinks to the size of a needle, as this woman nods her head to me, saying “cold day out the day, isn’t it hen” noted, at least she is wearing respectable trousers.

Ballet: the torture dance


Featured in countless music videos, more and more is ballet becoming a dance known as being romantic and poetic in its sense of meaning. Often symbolising hard work and determination, ballet is no mere dance, and indeed is an extremely strenuous form of exercise. Unless one has experienced the utter torture chamber that is a pointe shoe, it is almost impossible to fully appreciate the pain that these skilled ballerinas are able to endure- while performing an emotional dance at the same time! But what would we do without this beautiful portrayal of passion through dance- an inspiration and a great form of entertainment? 

Gretna Green


Today, as you wander around the quiet town, it is easy to imagine how people lived and dressed in the past. The romantic landmark has been preserved as a beautiful hotspot for weddings, where visitors are welcome.
Every so often you can see a vintage horse and carriage promenade down the town streets, and one cannot help but feel as if caught up in a dream. Due to its being so close to the borders, Gretna Green was once a hotspot for English runaway teens who longed to marry- without their parents approval. Today, walking in what seems to be an innocently pretty town, you would never suspect that years ago it was a magnet for scandalous affairs.
But although the floral decorated cobble stone streets have been preserved, the town has also modernised along with the world, and in the center you will find a shopping outlet. As much as a girl loves a scandalous romantic atmosphere; what is better than shops where you can splurge all your loose cash? After all, the Gretna Green of the past is very different from the Gretna Green of today.

The city style: london


A city filled with vibrant colours; of which the most compelling is red. From the telephone boxes, to the double decker buses, many have been known to label red as London’s colour. After all; it goes well with the rose, which is England’s national flower. Through the years, London fashion week has been known as bright, bold, and wild. With colour themes being the center of every outfit, and a large majority of clothes consisting of block colour, perhaps we ought to take a leaf out of the fashion capital’s book. Preferably not the flyleaf.
Many designers in London choose to use primary colours in their creations; unmixed reds, blues and yellows are taking over. In this prestigious city, the wisest of people in the fashion industry work with their surroundings. With the brown hues in surrounding buildings and red hues dotted all around the city, it is important that one does not choose an outfit which clashes with these surrounding colours. But there are always those who do not follow the set rules. As long as you are aware that there are guidelines, nobody is preventing you from letting your wild side take over!  As coco chanel said; “fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with the ideas, the way that we live,  and what is happening”

A scandalous romance

You spent the night together but nothing happened, and now you’re left hanging on edge, wishing for more. If only you had taken that first step- made that first move.
But does he even like you in that way; your friends say that you’re made for eachother, but they’ve never even met him and all they know about him has came from your lips. Does he like your lips? Why hasn’t he made a move.
Every girl (and woman) go through the same thing; a romantic entanglement. The problem is that the only romance was in your head, and the entanglement was just a dream. But perhaps one day, it will be a reality. After all, a friendly bonfire on the beach can always lead to slightly less innocent fireworks.