Eat my shorts


Sorry to disappoint, but sadly this is not going to be a post related to fashion in the 80’s, breakfast club style. Perhaps another time, if the idea sparks up enough interest. However, I want to focus in on one key item in todays fashion world; shorts. Are they a no-go, a recyclable trend for summers only, or are they acceptable in the fashion industry to be worn all year around? No matter the majority vote on opinion of shorts, there are always going to be some people who brave the winter air while parading their bare legs, as there is with any trend there are the followers, and those who stray. My opinion, if valued, is that it is no crime to wear shorts, in the right conditions. Those being that it is relatively warm, and you are either at home, at the beach, or somewhere casual. Shorts can be worn with jumpers, tops, and knitted sweaters, so it is understandable why some people may feel flexible and/or comfortable with them. But they are not a fashion statement. If you wish to appear casual, and quite frankly as if you don’t give a damn about your appearance and reputation fashionwise, go ahead and pull on those shorts. Nevertheless, should you wish to be noticed as a fashion conscious woman/girl then I suggest you leave shorts for around the house. Skirts and dresses are much better alternatives,  especially this season with the cute&classy look really making an impact.


Pink tux to the prom


While the world outside my window is going positively googoo for gaga, and following all the latest trends on twitter about #justinbieber #onedirection and all the other mainstream idols of today, I have been looking down a path that does not lead to today, nor tomorrow, but rather a looking glass that directs me to the past. Thinking back to days when I was just a kid, retro had always inspired me fashionwise. I can almost hear my mum’s voice echoing through this empty room; telling me that my blue eyeshadow was way too strong and bright, that legwarmers weren’t the in thing anymore, or that there was no way that she would allow me to wear those shoes. Even as a 10 year old, I loved experimenting with the wild side of the fashion world. Now, with a little more experience on my hands, I can’t bring myself to say that much has changed… and it hasnt. The phase two years ago when bold trousers and leggings were all around high street stores and front covers of vogue and elle, I relished it. Now, with skater skirts coming back with a bang, I feel as if I’m living a dream; experimental style is no longer something to hide. With the help of a cliche teen tv series from 2012, my daring heart has been awakened. A wild streak is no longer something my mum chides me about, but something I get complimented on the street about. The time to be bold and to make a statement is now- but will you make the most of it?