Pastle revelation


So here I am, scrolling we♥it pictures for inspiration of my next post. Pastle fashion in mind, I think to myself about how I might just sneak another sweet pastle sweater into my closet. That’s when I see this picture. The portrayal of a completely unique idea, I can’t help but fall in love. A skater skirt mashed with dungarees, and I can quite honestly say that I have never in my life ever seen anything remotely like it. And in pastle shades too! This is definitely something that is worth keeping an eye out for.. fingers crossed it will make the highstreet!


Love, chocolate, and a work filled holiday


Love, chocolate and a work filled holiday. Yep, that’s how I’m going to start this article off.
Coming home after a stressful day/week/month… relief floods over me. Today, no work is permitted. Crashing into my bed, I fell asleep. Tonight is take out night; I deserve it (just a sneaky one off from my diet).
It’s the first day of the easter holidays. Truthfully, the holidays only officially start tomorrow, but I’m counting this afternoon in. These next two weeks are going to be fattening; I can tell.
Holidays mean alot of things. Easter holidays have began to mainly mean two things for me since last year when I was thrown into the sea of exams. There, I said the first thing. Exams. The things that nobody likes but everyone goes through. So much work, stress, and time lost; all created by the running 6 weeks I have full of exams. At least after that I have 7 weeks of summer vacation to look forward to.
But the second thing that the easter holidays have began to mean to me, is food. Fattening food, and a lot of it. Snacking all around the clock, and it’s probably something that has been brought on by exams. Studying is always somewhat less challenging when I have a packet of pringles by my side to comfort me in my struggles, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thinks so. What I would really love if I had someone who would buy my food for me… even though the supermarket is only just a 15 minute walk away from where I stay.
Perhaps I ought to rename this post ‘work filled holidays, chocolate, and love’ for that is the order in which I have written. Ah, but it doesn’t have the same buzz to it.
The thing that legends and myths are built upon. People have said that it’s the only thing that keeps the world spinning. The foundation of many life forms on this planet. This passionate red red rose which paints our hearts obsessed with the one. Love. Now, I believe that this is an issue in todays life. Looking at the decks of lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazines there’s one word that repeats itself; sex. Bombarded with “26 of the best ways to have sex” and “how sex can change your life” it seems that in the culture of today, lust comes before love. Drooling over the body of a man and deciding he’s the one you’re going to hook up with. Really? What happened to good, old fashioned romance. And with all this modern lust lust lust culture, it seems that respect (of yourself and others) has been lost in the crowd. Simple things like holding the door open to someone, then saying thankyou, have died out along with the ‘women first’ motto that respectable men once lived by. Romance thrives on respect. And I hear all the complaining chimes of women saying they want an old fashioned man, but then they go out with their crop-top-might-as-well-be-bras and their miniskirt-I-mean-belts and I just think that if they really want someone to respect them, they have to stop selling themselves off like that. Don’t give me the excuse of that’s what you feel comfortable in. I don’t care. If you want someone to lust after you, go ahead and walk the streets half naked. But if your true wishes lie with romance and respect, please- go out decent. For now, stay safe and enjoy your holidays!