Just another British Girl

The rain falls down, puddles rise in the paths, and grey skies rule the grey buildings. Welcome to Britain, and in particular, Scotland. Doesn’t sound extremely attractive, right?How about this; A land full of a variety of different cultures, where originality is worshiped and the rare sunshine is not taken for granted. Two views, one island.
Well, in Britain’s leading fashion statements, I am beginning to notice that use of my homeland’s flag is growing more and more popular. Even in countries as far as America, the Union Jack is making a mark on the world.



Be bold… be a Gaga


Fashion today is all about making a bold, unusual, bright, statement. None of those ‘quiet and casual’ thoughts; not if you wish to maintain a respectable position stylewise. Let’s face it- if you are in the fashion world and are not bold enough to experiment with fashion, you have no chance.
Whether your forté is clothes, hair, makeup or jewellery, you must be open to taking risks. Be a trend setter, stray from the sheep. Following safe and mainstream trends will not bring you any great harm, no, but it shan’t bring you any greatness either.
Now I want you to think a few decades ago; Mary Quant. In a time where long skirts were simply expected, she had the courage to set in place a chain of events that would change the course of fashion forever. The miniskirt was born. If she had not taken such a risk, we would never have the miniskirt, which approximately 50 years later, is still being worn today. Without the countless risks all throughout fashion history we would be nowhere. For goodness sake we’d all probably still be wearing 1500s gowns!


In response to our instinct of self preservation, it is only human natuee for us to cling to what we believe is safe. Even when we know that departure from our ordinary course of action can potentially lead to great advantages, we find ourselves staying with what we find familiar. In restaurants we order foods we grew up eating just incase we don’t like the alternatives- even if we may be missing out on the most incredible, exotic meal. The same is found in fashion. The social risk of wearing something ‘out there’ and outside of your comfort zone can be intimidating. What if it isn’t a hit? What if I look stupid? What if people laugh? But this is the biggest what if; what if I never make a statement? In order to br successful in this competitive industry, your biggest fear should not ne people thinking you look awful, but instead you ought to fear having no recognition at all.


Take lady gaga for  instance. I believe that most people reading this will agree with me that her sense of style is absolutely atrocious, but even though there are many who think that she is off her crackers, there are also many people who look up to her for inspiration. I do not suggest that you wear a meat dress to prom, but perhaps to step out of your comfort zone is not as daunting as you think. So be a Gaga. Be a Mary Quant. Don’t let society stop you from making a statement.