My turquoise summer


I close my eyes, breathe in, breathe out, and smile. As soon as I picture the perfect beach, I begin to imagine the sound of the waves rolling into the scattered sand. My dream house is near the seaside for a reason, you see. Beaches have always had some sort of calming power over me, and I don’t suppose that I’m the only one to experience this.Turquoise is the very colour of your perfect sea, and that is one of the many reasons of why I love turquoise so much.It is a colour preferred by many people who I know, and is usually described as a fresh, yet calming colour.


This beautiful colour well with purples, browns, and pinks in particular, however as shown in the pictures I have provided, it can go with almost any colour combination at all! Not to mention that it is an especially spring/summer-y colour that looks absolutely gorgeous in skirts, dresses, and pretty tops!


Well, it’s always good to be original in your fashion style, and I would love to hear about how you all put your own twist on turquoise, so be sure to send me pictures to (pictures will remain private unless you state  otherwise in the email)QOTD: which colours do find the most in your wardrobe?


Just another British Girl

The rain falls down, puddles rise in the paths, and grey skies rule the grey buildings. Welcome to Britain, and in particular, Scotland. Doesn’t sound extremely attractive, right?How about this; A land full of a variety of different cultures, where originality is worshiped and the rare sunshine is not taken for granted. Two views, one island.
Well, in Britain’s leading fashion statements, I am beginning to notice that use of my homeland’s flag is growing more and more popular. Even in countries as far as America, the Union Jack is making a mark on the world.