Twilight Quiz

with the new movie coming out soon, i decided to put together this twilight quiz for you to find out which character you would be if you were in the movie!!!

What would you say is your worst flaw

  • g)I don’t value myself enough.
  • d)I am a worrywart.
  • a)I can be a know it all.
  • b)I have a temper.
  • f)I can be shallow.
  • e)I can’t always trust myself.
  • c)I don’t know my own strength.
  1. Which Twilight character do you think is the most attractive?

    • c)Edward
    • c)Jacob
    • a,b)Bella
    • g)Jasper
    • f)Emmett
    • e)Alice
    • d)Rosalie
  2. Complete this sentence with your favorite response: “True love is…”

    • b)Something you need to fight for
    • a)The whole reason for existing
    • c)Written in your destiny
    • e)Sometimes isn’t enough
    • d)Can make up for anything
    • f)Found when you least expect it
    • e)Will find you
    1. If you could cast your vote on Bella’s mortality, what would you choose?

      • c,d,e,f)I vote for her to change.
      • a,b,g)I vote for her to stay mortal.
    2. There are some pretty impressive men and woman in the Twilight books. Which do you like most?

      • a,j)I am a man and I like the female Twilight characters more.
      • g)I am a woman and I like the female Twilight characters more.
      • e,d)I am a man and I like the male Twilight characters more.
      • f,c)I am a woman and I like the male Twilight characters more.


      mostly A) = EDWARD








win win win!

You could win a holiday to stay with me in a 4 star hotel for 5 days in Glasgow, £200 spending money AND the super hot date of your choice!

here is a plan of what we are going to do:
DAY 1- we will go to see the movie of your choice, go to a gourmet restaurant, visit the insidethemindofateengirl “HQ” and get you to write a post on the website!
DAY 2- we are going to go to go to a secret destination (cant have loads of girls busting in!) for you to choose a super hot date, and then you and I will go shopping for a beautiful dress priced around £170-£200 (which i will pay for!)
DAY3- on this day we will spend the morning getting dressed up in our beautiful dresses, and then we are going to go to a dance with out super hot dates!!!
DAY4- today we are going to do ANYTHING you want to do in Scotland: visit famous castles like Edinburgh and Stirling Castle, go to have a beauty day at a beauty salon… you name it!
DAY 5- today we are going to have one last date with our super hot dates… this time we are going bowling (dont worry if you aren’t a pro, neither am i!) and then the boys will have a surprise planned for us… finnished off witha gourmet meal for four!!!


HOW TO ENTER- send your name, age, address and telephone number to please bear in mind that this is my private email and i do not take lightly to spam.

sites i <3

just thought i would post some cool sites for you guys that i really like!!! just click on the description that you like and you will be forwarded to the website!


❤ ❤ ❤

just want to add, (i have just watched the x factor results) that i think that MK1 should have stayed in this round! they were really good, and are much more relevant than whatshisface that looks like Johnny Depp 😉

MY embarrassing moment

once, when i was younger and lived in england, my friends (sisters) were over with their parents (who were friends with my parents)  at my house for a meal… or else thats what i think 🙂 anyway, after the men (that might have never happened) me and my friends went to my room, and got my plastic kitchen set out, to (obviously) play cafe. so i thought it would be really good if we had some real food…

so i went with my friends to the greenhouse… where my parents were growing tomatoes… which weren’t ripe yet… still green. and you can proobably guess what i did next.

being about 5 years old, i picked each and every tomatoe, and then put them all into a big bowl… and went with my friends to serve them to the parents!!!! they will never let me forget that one…


if YOU have any embarrassing moments, post a comment and i will make sure to post it, with a reply from me! also, if you want to get your story in without me mentioning your wordpress name, then send me an email please bear in mind that this is my private email, and i do not take lightly to spam.

Get over a guy in 10 songs

Let’s be real: breakups suck. A lot. Telling your friends, giving back his fave hoodie, and updating your Facebook status to “single” can feel overwhelming, but hey, it happens to the best of us, right? Katy Perry’s new movie Part Of Me shows how hard splitting from your former love can be, but Katy comes out ahead in the end. Instead of wallowing in bed watchingThe Notebook, she wipes off her tears, puts on her candy costume, and rocks it on stage.

Channel your inner Katy and get over your ex for good (or give this playlist to a newly single friend and help her out) by listening to tioatg’s (the inside of a teenage girl’s) “Get Over A Guy” playlist. This is not a breakup song compilation — there’s no Adele or any lines moping about “somebody that you used to know” on here. These songs will have you singing, dancing, and thinking about eying some new cuties in no time.

1) Part of me – Katy Perry
2) stronger (what doesn’t kill you) – Kelly Clarkson
3) Best I never had – Beyonce
4) i look so good (without you) – jesse james
5) single – natasha bedingfeild
6) forget you – cee lo green
7) riding solo – jason derulo
8) i dont need a man – pussycat dolls
9) titanium – david guetta
10) bad enough – all time low

Love and Boys

before i go on to write anything on this topic, i want to announce that i am going to be doing some posts of embarrassing moments, and im also going to add an ASK MOI page. It would really help me if YOU send me either an embarrassing experience that you have faced, or a question about boy advice, health,friends, parents, or a fashion crisis, I will try to write about everything that you post, but it depends how many people end up writing to me. if you want to be annonymous, send me an email to please bear in mind that this is my personal email and i do not take lightly to spam.

boyfriends-should you go for him?

Would you ever date a guy who’s shorter than you? I’m contemplating it right now.

A: Attraction is a funny thing in that getting to know someone can totally change what he looks like. Literally, the best looking guy may not be that attractive to you after you find out what his personality is like. And a guy who you may be unsure about (maybe he’s a little on the short side) can become a complete hottie. So, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m telling you to go for it! Don’t let something small like height get in the way of being with a great guy.

Q: I’m friends with (and have been talking to) a guy who dated my best friend last year. I’m realizing that I like him and I don’t know what to do.  Help!

A: The best thing to do in this situation is let your best friend know how you feel. Make sure she knows that just because you’re telling her about your feelings doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to act on them. Although it takes guts to talk to her, doing it could save you from some serious drama. Tell her “I care about you so much and I wanted to be honest about this. I tell you everything, and don’t want you ever to feel like I’ve hid anything from you.” Next, ask her how she would feel if you were to get closer to this guy. If you can make her feel involved in this issue, then you don’t have to worry about her feeling like you’ve gone behind her back.

Q: Should I go for a guy who lives kind of far away? I really want to have a relationship with him, but is the obstacle worth it? How do you make a long distance relationship work?

A: I say give it a shot. Long distance relationships can be a challenge, but the key is to make him as much of a part of your life as you can. Text him and call him frequently so that he knows everything that’s going on with you. Video chatting is another great way to make you feel more connected. Make time with him a priority — even if it’s just over the phone. It will be tough, but if you really like this guy, what do you have to lose? If it works out, great. If it doesn’t, at least you know you tried.


thankyou for reading this blog… please remember to write to me about embarrassing moments, or anything you think would be good for an ASK MOI post… lots of love to you babes!


Understanding parents 

i have a real tough time trying to understand my parents sometimes. At times, i question the most stupidest things do they really love me? Are they my real parents? … i think a lot of teens go though these questions, sometimes even shouting it at parents at times when you just don’t understand their point of view. Elvis Presley (RIP) said these words “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.” Which is too true, i think… and i only got that quote from Google! But it isn’t really questionable… of course your parents love you, and want whats best for you. I bet you have heard that before. but here is the thing: your parents are not always right. They want whats best for you, and that’s the reason for what they do or say sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that it is best for you. i have a habit of shouting and arguing at my mum, for example, when she tells me “those shoes are not the right season” or “your makeups too bright” or something like that… but shouting and arguing doesn’t work(as i have experienced about a zillion times) so here is some advice, that might just go through one eye and out the other (well you aren’t listening to this blog, are you?) or it might stick with you… anyways, my advice to anyone who has disagreements with their parents (basically anyone who has parents really) is that shouting and arguing isn’t going to make a difference that will benefit YOU in whatever situation you might be in. so instead of shouting and arguing, listen to what your parents have to say (if it really gets you worked up to listen to them, just count numbers in your head, it is scientifically proven to calm you… jk, i don’t know if it will work for you for sure, but it works for me!) and after they have said all they want to tell you, then CALMLY  tell them that you disagree. tell them what you disagree about, and why you disagree. give them a good reason why you think you are right.

Pretend example:
mum: Your clothes don’t go well together, Amy. I don’t want you to
Amy: shut up mum! YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT FASHION!!!!
mum: you aren’t going anywhere speaking to me like that! You need to fix your attitude, young lady!
Amy: But mum!!!! YOU can’t do that! you always have to ruin my life!
mum: Amy, i have feelings too! Just forget everything i do for you maybe i should just stop! No party, no phone, no perfume, makeup, or new clothes! You are grounded!!!

mum: Your clothes don’t go well together, Amy. I don’t want you to go out looking like that, to be honest, honey.
Amy: I understand where you are coming from, but i disagree. I put this outfit together yesterday, when i was with Lara, and i asked her what she thought. she said it looked really cool mum, and that’s the look i was going for. i saw an outfit similar to it in a magazine, wait a second let me show you…
mum: Its ok, you go out and have a nice time.


what do you think… Parents are impossible to understand sometimes… but trust me, this is the way to get what you want. i would know, i have tried it myself 😉


Hey guys! I’m a pretty ordinary teenage girl… and i just woke up one day and thought “hey, im going to write a blog” and so here i am, writing this blog… and there YOU are, reading it.

this is written by a teen girl for anyone… be it boys who want to see what goes through a girls mind, parents that want to know what their daughter is up to, or just us TEEN GIRLS wanting to see the latest on (hopefully) their favorite blog!

im just going to take you through some of the topics that im going to be covering in this blog:

  • Makeup & hair (tutorials, reviews, celeb, products)
  • fashion (trends, DIY, retro, prom/formals/dances)
  • embarrassing (my moments, my friends moments, and YOUR moments published)
  • Ask Moi (ask me about boys, health, friends, parents, fashion crisis)
  • Parents for teens (understanding our parents, arguments resolved, clothes, parties, boyfriends, makeup differences)
  • quizzes (about style, friends, boys, celeb, personality, books, movies)
  • Love and boys (boyfriend, crushes, what attracts us, celebs,)
  • Religion (church, school, friends)
  • WIN (competitions and freebies)

thats all for now… be back soon!!!